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Your one-stop shop for boutique style, ala-carte messaging needs.  We offer simple messaging to complex 10 question automated surveys and everything in between.  Our customer-centrique approach puts you in control of calls, our unique time zone calling, transfer rates and much, much more.  Our expansive reporting includes downloads in standard csv format to accomodate any analytical tools you may use.  Our extensive library of API allow the most savvy programmer to integrate directly to go dial's back end.  All services come at one great low price.
How do we offer such sevices for a low price? - We are a discerning vendor.  go dial is operated by the Stephens Network Services switching and sip trunking systems, which allows a robust voice network to integrate directly with our dialer platforms.  We cautiously vette all of our customers, so that they meet the most strict compliance standards, such as HIPAA.  We never share information with any other outside entities for any reason.  When you become a go dial client, you can rest assured that your data is safe.
Have any special needs?  Call go dial for comprehensive guidance and recommendations to fit even the most complex of situations.

Our Services

Message Campaign

The basic of all broadcast messages. Perfect for allerting municipalities, school announcements, simple event reminders and other voice alerts that require only a message left on a users voice mail or live person.

Agent Campaign

When you need dedicated agents to answer customer questions or perform simple surveys witha live operator, let go dial take all the pain out of setting you up. Our custom solutions mean that you can man your call center and go dial will handle the rest. Your agents can register with our service.

Interactive Campaign

There are times when a simple message isn't enough. Use the Interactive Campaign to allow clients to press a key to transfer to your office or call center. This is perfect for an event reminder that would require a client to speak with a representative. We take the hassle out of dialing all those numbers.

Survey Campaign

Our scalable automated survey campaign can help build customer confidence or create a perfect polling system for your political campaign. Easy to use, up to 10 questions with multiple answers via either pressing digits or live voice answers.

IVR Campaign

Choose our easy to use IVR visual builder tool to create complex TTS programs for reminders and multi stage responses. This tool is great for delivery service reminders by allowing your clients to choose dates and times for deliveries. You will find so many uses for our visual IVR builder tool!

Appointment Reminder

Our most popular campaign, Appointment Reminders can help maintain productive schedules for your medical office, real estate appointments and much more. This service decreases no shows by up to 70%. A simple reminder a day or two before, helps customers and patients keep track of their busy schedules.

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* All calls billed at $0.015 per 30 second interval.  You are only charged for answered calls.  There are no other account fees and your credits never expire.

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